Shiba Inu Health Concerns/Problems

Shiba Inu is the smallest of all the six native Japanese dogs. Shiba breed are active self confident dogs especially outdoors and always looking out for adventure. Shiba Inu can live outside in the cold winter weather and also in warm temperatures. They are good natured, alert, bold, and loyal breed anyone will enjoy. The average life span for the Shiba breed is from 12 to 15 years. » Read more

The Veterinarian and Fur Parent Relationship

Veterinarians are a vital part of our fur baby’s lives, thus making the veterinarian and fur parent relationship an important one. So, when searching for and placing your trust in a doctor, there are many things to consider.

1)      Questions for the Veterinarian

Animal owners naturally want to make the best decisions for their pet. Fortunately, there are topics you can discuss with the doctor that will » Read more

Exercising Your Shiba Inu

Creating a happy and healthy Shiba in home and for their health.

Exercising your Shiba Inu is an important part of responsibly caring for your dog. As an active and mischievous breed, it is vital for Shiba owners to understand the need of addressing mental and physical stimulation. Shiba Inus thrive on activity, enjoying the adventure, newness and challenges it brings. By establishing a daily routine that includes » Read more

Properly Training the Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu fanciers and owners are devoted to the breed, faithfully committed to parenting and training the Shiba Inu. They love their colorful personalities and take pride in knowing that the breed is charming and charismatic as it trots along proudly with beauty and confidence. A medium sized attractive and sturdy dog, at first glance it seems an ideal companion for almost any individual or lifestyle. » Read more

Shiba Inu’s Popularity Is Special & Diverse

Shiba Inu originated in Japan in antiquity; even there is no specific record of its origin. It is said that Shiba Inu is the oldest dog breed of Japan, even oldest of all breeds. Shiba Inu is very popular with the Japanese. Shiba is a member of Spitz family which is characterized by their small size and wolf like shape. » Read more

Puppy Mills, Rescue Centers & Qualified Breeders

Have you wondered where those cute puppies you see in the windows in pet shops come from? Have you wondered what conditions they lived in prior to being transported to the pet shops, how they were bred and where they were kept? Did you know that 98% of all pet stores in the US sell kittens and puppies bred in puppy mills? » Read more

Breeding Shiba Inu’s

One of the few breeds native to Japan, the shiba inu is a small dog, initially bred for hunting. Its short and curly hair, squinty eyes and curly tail, the Shiba resembles a fox. This breed is known for its hunting skills, for the adaptability and its independence, which can make it quite difficult to train.

If you are a big fan of this breed and you want to breed your own puppies read on » Read more

History of Shiba Inu Breed

The Shiba Inu breed is one of the few ancient dog breed that are still in existence around the world today. Shiba Inu breed originated from Japan and it is the smallest of the original six spitz dog breed available. The name Shiba Inu is a dialect from the Nagano prefecture meaning “Little Brushwood Dog”. They were originally bred for hunting and flush small game, such as rabbits and birds even bears. » Read more

How to remove cat spray odors?


How to remove cat spray odors: A complete guide 

A Cat can be a very comfortable cute pet to have in your house, but when your cats start spraying their urine all over your house it can get stinky a lot.

The best way to remove cat spray odors is preventing your cats from spraying everywhere but if it is too late, you can use some of our tips to regain control on your house’s scent.

  » Read more

14-year Old Boy Dives into Overpass to Save Cat Hanging Over Bridge…

Heroic Boy Saves Cat Thrown Over Bridge

On Sunday, February 12, Erin Brown was cruising her Ford Explorer at a comfortable speed on Highway 196 enjoying the sunshine and the crisp country air that seemed to flow with a tinge of ickiness from the distant mountains across the broad wheat fields on both sides of the highway. She was driving her kid Gavin to a birthday party. Gavin, on the passenger seat, was toying with his mobile phone, and Erin guessed he must have been engrossed on Facebook like so many boys his age were wont to do these days. They were approaching the massive bridge. » Read more

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