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Best Backyard Playground Equipment.

Every child has a dream to have a playground nearby their house either it is a park or a neighbor’s backyard. And you must find the Best Backyard Playground Equipment.

Most adults now remember how a swing was their biggest dream to have in the house, and kids nowadays love to play video games and to be on the fullest technology updates, and now with the whole thing with virtual games, that is like you are in a different reality, you can find out about gaming services but let’s go back to the old gaming strategy and give the kids some space to play before they hit the games inside the house.

Therefore, it would be a great if you planned to get a backyard playground equipment in the Christmas for the New Year. In this article, we will discuss the most reasonable options of play sets, swings, etc. in terms of quality, price and maintenance.



This multifunctional set is a fret option, it is made in US using high quality wood and it is much better than most resembling sets of the same size and prize.

The material used is 100% natural redwood,which is perfectly safe, non-toxic to your children.

The basic model  includes 3 swings and a colorful playhouse with a stylish green slide, there is also a largr upgrade comes with 4 swing type and more variations.

The playhouse can be entered by two ways, the clinbing wakk and a ladder.

It also adds a sandbox at the base of the playhouse which you can fill it with sand or rubber.

This set is a geme changer which will allow your elementary age children to have a lot of fun with their friends.



This set is another great option with every activity your elemntary age children need in a play set.

It is a large set able to handle up to nine children at the same time. It contains a large number of feaatures just as crow’s nest, wood roof,sun deck and open lower porch.

It even contains a sandbox and a shaded bench in the lower level. It includes two belts swing, so it is nearly full of games.

The manufacturer company numbers the component in an easy order to help assembling easily, it also uses Safe-T-Fuse combinationto maximize safety.



It is the perfect choice for alimentary age kids.

The high quality yellow pine is its main material. It composes a group of games including 10-foot slide, telescope, two swings, wide play deck and a rope ladder.

Its high quality material makes and UV resistance it usable for years of outdoor playing , however this model is also made in USA.



Another great set from Big Backyard and extremely convienient with a small backyard.

It is made in china from premium cedar. It can fit upto eight children where each child is 110 pounds maximum.

This set is full of play areas in a small space where it has a rock wall, high wave slide, two sings and largesized sandbox.

Priced at 6294 +shipping is a great budget option and pocket friendly.



This set is a great choice made by BIG BACKYARD, it is so awesome and stylish that it’s a complete playground itself. This is a high end option for play sets as it contains nearly every possible game which children enjoy.

It is designed to hold up to 9 children at elementary age ,each child’s weight upto 110 pounds.

This product is made in china formed of 100% premium cedar and it have a child safe material finish.

The game system of this set is complete and will deliver all your kids’ demands, it has an upstair clubhouse roofed in English style, a clubouse down on the floor with two stools and snack counter, floer box and a window.

A chalk wall where kids can pactice writing, a rockwall to climb, monkey bar swing, glider, high rail wave slide and two additional swings.

The most amazing thing about this set –in addition to plenty of game play options- that its adjustable in different ways.

The manufacturer says that the slide is removable and swings can be changed with baby swings, so this model can grow with kids and suit them in different ages.

The price of this set is surprisingly less than other options mentioned above, priced at 949.99$.

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